Ground Venison Chili

Ground Venison Chili

Ground venison chili with poblano peppers and chili rojo for a little spice along with a secret ingredient to make it special!

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– ground venison meat – olive oil – poblano peppers – jalapeno – onion – chili powder (I used chili rojo, but any chili powder will work as well) – cumin – can of crushed tomatoes – can of diced tomatoes – beef stock (or venison stock if you have it!) – kidney beans – white vinegar – salt

COOK TIME: 1 hour 


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Saute peppers and onions in olive oil

Add ground venison and brown.

Add remaining ingredients aside from the beans and vinegar. Simmer for 30 minutes.

Add drained beans and vinegar and simmer uncovered for 15 more minutes.

Serve venison chili with your favorite toppings!

Click the link below for full instructions!

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